Of Hands, plans and hot days

Hi again,

Well I’m happy to report that my hand is not broken. I got a phone call from my doctor’s office last Friday morning and they told me that my finger wasn’t fractured and that I could take the splint off. I was so relieved and I did just that, being happy to type and doing everything else, freely with my hand again.

     I never got around to teaching Seamus object indication last weekend, but it can always wait as that isn’t his main goal as my service dog. I will get to it however, and I know I’ll be writing about it here.

     This week at work has been very busy, what the new semester starting in about 10 days or so and me struggling to find out which chapters in a Calculus book are necessary for class. i’m going along all right, thanks to my assistant at work and a sence of humor about the whole thing. I hope it does get better though, I don’t want this book to burry me.

     Adam and I met with our deacon at the church we’ll be married in and it was a lovely time. He is very nice and was very incouraging for both of us. The more we meet with him, and the more I make wedding plans, the more I am excited to get married. Not because of the wedding day, but because of the marriage itself. I want to help make a home with him, to someday have kids and to just have a nice life with my husband. I can’t wait until that day comes.

     As the title says, yeah, it’s been hot. right now, I’m sitting in my livingroom, grateful to be in a basement apartment and relishing the fact of having an air conditioner. We’re supposed to begin a heatwave tomorrow and it’s supposed to last through Wensday, so I’ll have to be very careful of Seamus and make sure he has plenty of water and to watch for hot pavement on his feet. I was running around today outside and it was very hot and humid this afternoon. They say it’ll be even worse tomorrow… ew! Tonight, I’m planning on making home-made chicken nachos and having some hard sider. Adam is coming over and I think we’ll have a great time. We always do.

     Well, that’sall I can think to write for now, but I’m glad I got thisblog post in and I’ll be here again next week.


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