Of Health and meetings

Hi all,

I’m back again and this time, I’m happy to report that I’m feeling much better. I had made a doctor’s appointment for this afternoon, but I’m going to call and cancel it because I know my cough is going away and there isn’t really anything he can do at this point. I’ll just be diligent with my steroid inhailor and I know that will help.

     As this post hints at, I had several good meetings over the past few days. On Saturday, I went up to the north shore with my friends. It was beautiful up there and the breeze off the lake was so invigorating. Each time it would blow I would catch the fresh scent of the water and feel the cool, damp air. I loved breathing it in. We rode the train and got to look at the gorgeous scenery. It did rain later in the afternoon, but none of us really minded. After all, what could we do?

     I met several new friends up there and we talked, laughed and had a great time, not leaving for the cities until 9 that night. The drive back would’ve been uneventful, except for the fact that I fell off a curb at a rest stop and scraped up my left knee pretty good. It’s always the left side of my body that gets hurt and I suppose it’s because it’s my dominant side, but the experience made me realize that I forgot one thing in all the moving of the past month… medical supplies. I came home, cleaned the wound on my knee, only to realize I had no bandages or ointment of any kind. thank God the abrasion wasn’t bleeding… anymore and so I was able to go to bed without needing a bandage. It still hurts, but it’s already starting to heal and it’ll get better soon.

     The other meeting I had this weekend, well, technically, last week, was the inspiration for this post. My unit at work has a meeting each Friday afternoon. I always bring Seamus and normally, he just streches out on his side and falls asleep. He was doing just that last Friday, when abruptly, he flipped over onto his stomach and began grooming. I looked down at him, alerted by the rather loud chewing and licking noises and realized, he was grooming, rather intimate areas, right in front of all of my coworkers. Yeah… I tried so hard not to laugh. He’s a dog and doesn’t know how to use toilet-paper. That’s one of the things though, that I love about having a dog. He makes me laugh.

     I’m glad to end this entry on a happy note and I’ll see you all again in August. :9) 


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