The Sandwich and the evil disease

And if you don’t respond with “Hi Dr. Nick.” you have no idea what I’m talking about. Doctors seem appropriate for this post, considering I’m still sick. I still have it, yup, evil bronchidis and it sucks. I hate coughing and I hate feeling so tired all of the time. My sister has been great with me though, coming over to help take care of me. Last night she made me peanutbutter toast and chicken soup while we watched Star Treck, TNG. Seamus has been a good dog, mostly, bbut as the title notes, he was very naughty on Sunday.
I had gone out to let my Fiance, Adam, into the building and had left his dinner, a tuna sandwich, sitting out on the kitchen table. I let him in and then went back into my apartment. This had only taken me about a minute to do and the sandwich was entirely gone. Not only was it gone, but there stood my dog, with his upper-half brazenly up on the kitchen table, his head in the bowl of soup I’d also set out for Adam. needless to say, I was not happy and he has been much more closely monatered since then.
I called the doctor back yesterday and was able to get more medicine for this crud I have. We’ll see if it works and hopefully, come my next update, I’ll be feeling better.


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