Of Moving and sickness

I know it’s been a bit of time, but I promised a once weekly update and so here it is. I know, I know, I didn’t update last week, but you all got two updates the week before and I was moving so it works out.

     The move went well and was quite easy as moves go. The movers came and moved all of my furnature into my apartment and were done in a couple of hours. I spent the rest of the day unpacking and moving boxes in from outside. The heat didn’t help, as it was very humid with a temperature of 90 or so outside. I can only thank God I got an air conditioner and that it was up and working by the time we moved in.

     Seamus got a new bed, as his crate wouldn’t fit into my smaller bedroom and I think he likes it better than his crate. he’s more willing to go to it for naps and he curls up on it whenever he wants to. He wasn’t very used to the place on the first day. There was a lot of nervous whining at the sounds of people moving around in the apartment above ours, and he kept wanting to explore the hallways and upper levels, but by Sunday, he was clearly settling in, making the apartment his own by leaving his toys everywhere and spending time curled up asleep on the couch.

     As the title hints at, I’ve been sick. I was sick with some kind of cold last week and I was beginning to feel better by Wensday, but then, I worked very hard at moving and the illness returned with avengence. I went to the doctor on Monday and was told what I had suspected. I have bronchidis and have been taking a strong antibiotic for it, but I still feel lousy. I stayed home yesterday, puttering around the apartment and waiting for the maintinence guy to show up, which he didn’t do. A nap felt amazing yesterday afternoon and  Seamus came in, settled down on his bed and napped beside me. I liked it, as I could reach over and pet him. All in all, a good week with moving and I’m just hoping I get to feeling better soon. Hopefully, my next update will be a healthier one.


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