The Intro Post

Hi Everyone,
Since all of my friends seem to be doing this, I will, in this case, joyfully bow to peer pressure and begin a blog of my own. My name is Laura and this blog is about my every day adventures in life. Along for the ride is my guide dog, Seamus, a three-year-old golden retriever lab cross. He’s the inspiration for the title of the blog actually, cause of his harness handle… See what I did there? Cute huh? Ok, maybe it isn’t cute, but I don’t like dry titles for things so there it is. I also feel, that eventually I’ll have a grip on things which happen in my life so that’s the other part of the idea for the title.
In this blog you’ll read everything from moving woes, which will be happening in about ten days, to why it’s so hot/cold in Minnesota and subsequent tips for how I keep my dog safe and healthy in these conditions, to the occasional post about wedding plans because I’m getting married in December. Throughout it all though, my fuzzy partner in crime and I will try our best to get a Handle on what ever life decides to chuck at us.
Oh yeah, and since I love the Simpson’s, you’ll find some quotes tossed into posts as well because they’re funny. I’ve made a promise to myself, that I will update this blog every week, or more frequently if nothing good is on TV, kidding, 🙂 But once weekly will be the minimum, even if I have nothing to say.
So there you have it, my introduction. I hope you will enjoy reading this blog, because I plan on having lots of fun writing it.


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